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Where am I now?

I've finished my first year of college, and I've finally made it a home for myself. I'm currently in the process of discovering new yoga studios, ways to workout, and how to eat clean in a dining hall.


Can you guys help me out on an essay I’m writing?

For class, we are supposed to write an opinion piece on any issue we see as controversial. I decided to write about fitness. I’ve noticed, on tumblr, that there are tons of people hating on the fitblr community; saying that we’re all crazy, weight-obsessed weirdos. A lot of these comments come from “pro-fat” blogs (correct me if I am wrong). My goal is to prove that we are living the best life that we can, the life that is naturally right for us. I TRULY feel better when I work out and eat healthily. I owe it to my body. Our bodies are meant (other than some conditions that cannot be fought) to be lean (Look at the cavemen - they’re pretty toned and didn’t have any Pringles to munch on) - excessive fat doesn’t serve any function, benefit, purpose, etc. 

PLEASE GIVE ME YOUR OPINIONS!!!!!!!!!!! I’d love any input, negative or positive :)


(The photo below is not mine, I found it on tumblr a while ago and can’t find the source.)


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  1. chelseaalysse answered: Actualllyy ha, a HEALTHY amount of fat does serve function :) It’s a macronutrient for a reason (google the benefits).
  2. sailbyreviews answered: thats fhe whole thing! We can live off fruits and veggies and feel happier and healthier. Exercise release good things in your body also!
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